Pre-primer sight words

Here’s a quick and easy checklist of the Dolch pre-primer sight words for your preschoolers!

Have your preschoolers started reading their first words? Then these pre-primer sight words printables will be a good addition to your early reading journey.

Sight words, together with phonics, are definitely a good starting point when it comes to early reading and literacy.

I personally prefer using the Dolch sight words list divided into groups by grade and reading level.

Dolch sight words include high-frequency words that occur in children’s books (and in English language in general) so often that it is more beneficial to learn to recognize them by sight rather than sounding them out every time.

In addition, many sight words often have unusual spelling patterns so they can’t be sounded out using common strategies.

Pre-primer sight words

Learning sight words helps children grow their vocabulary of well-known words. They are able to recognize them in an instant instead of decoding them every time while reading.

This helps with reading fluency and future reading success.

In this article, we’ll mainly focus on pre-primer sight words.

Pre-primer sight words are the very first words children can practice as early as preschool.

To learn their sight words, a lot of practice and repetition is the key.

Children should have plenty of opportunities to read the words, play with them (e.g. shaving cream writing), write, trace and repeat.

Make sure to point the words in the text while reading a bedtime story or any time they encounter their sight words in everyday life.

Pre-primer sight words checklist

There are several items included in today’s printable PDF.

The very first page is the Dolch pre-primer sight words list. It includes 40 high-frequency words and it will help you keep track of the words your child is working on. Keep the list on your refrigerator or whiteboard if you use one at home.

The second page includes a sight word checklist with an option to check the words your children master as they grow their sight word vocabulary.

And the last section of this printable includes a sight word memory game you can play with your kids together.

But please, make sure to print each page twice to make pairs of each sight word!

I used construction paper to make the sight word memory game more appealing to my kids.

This would also be a good activity to have at-hand for early finishers in the classroom.

The pdf includes a total of nine pages and you can download it at the end of this article.

Four pages on orange background with text overlay

More Pre-primer sight words worksheets

Pre-primer sight word flashcards are another great free printable here on Planes&Baloons. You can print them out and laminate them and easily use them throughout the day. Flashcards are an excellent way to boost sight word recognition.

Dolch preschool sight words coloring pages are a fun way to play with sight words! Print out each sight word gradually and use them for crafts, finger painting, coloring, and more.

Do a dot preschool sight words worksheets are a more structured and serious way to practice their sight words. These do a dot worksheets are a fantastic way to wrap up pre-primer sight words at the end of the school year as well as refresh them at the beginning of kindergarten.

This pre-primer sight words matching activity strengthen children’s ability to recognize the same words within a group. It’s a good exercise for kids’ attention as much as sight word identification.

Pre-primer sight word sentences is a short booklet that grows children’s reading confidence. Children will put into practice all the hard work and actually read sentences accompanied by pictures.

Preschool sight words list and memory game

You can check out the printables included in this PDF below:

Pre-primer sight words list
Pre-primer sight words checklist
One page of pre-primer sight words memory game

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