Four seasons printable worksheets

Teach your kids about the changing seasons with these months and seasons worksheets for kindergarten!

Any time is a good time to learn about the four seasons!

With my seasons worksheets for kindergarten, your children will enjoy learning more about the seasons of the year. Plus they will practice months of the year some more, too!

Make sure to also get my days and months tracing sheets here.

Seasons worksheets for kindergarten

Four seasons worksheets for kindergarten

These worksheets are perfect for your kindergarten students as well as older preschoolers who are keen to learn about the different seasons.

On the first page, you’ll find match the seasons worksheet. Children will match various pictures to the correct season – spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Next, they will learn to recognize which months of the year belong to each season. This is a cut and paste activity.

Children will practice reading the names of each season and months of the year and match them together. If they can’t read yet, you can still have a discussion and gently guide them to the correct answers.

Next page includes the seasons’ names, so your students can practice tracing them.

The last page is open to more creative expression. Kids can draw their favorite things about each season. And write which one is their favorite.

These worksheets can be a good additional material for teaching seasons in kindergarten and preschool. Homeschooling families will find them helpful as well!

To download, just go to the end of this article and you’ll find your pdf there.


Seasons worksheets PDF

You can have a look below at what’s included in this four seasons worksheets pdf bundle:

Match the seasons worksheets

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Months and seasons worksheet
Seasons tracing worksheet
My favorite season worksheet

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