Days Of The Week Worksheets For Kindergarten

A set of fun and free worksheets to practice days of the week in kindergarten!

Your kids will truly enjoy these days of the week worksheets. They are playful and fun and easy to do even on their own.

When I made my days and months tracing worksheets, I knew just then that I’d need to add more playful ways for learning the calendar.

So in this set, children will cut and paste days that come before and after, as well as connect the days in the correct order.

And my favorite worksheet is the color of the day! It is inspired by color-by-number activities and helps children with days recognition.

Days of the week worksheets for kindergarten

days of the week worksheets PDF

You will get three free printable pages in this set of worksheets. I really hope your kids will like them, as I had a lot of fun designing them.

Children will practice their day recognition and the correct order of the days.

The first worksheet covers the before and after days. Children will need to read the days in each row first and decide which day is missing. This is a cut and paste activity, so they will get to do some fine motor practice as well!

The second page is made for learning the order of the days. Kids will connect the days starting Sunday all the way through Saturday. The last page is my color by the day of the week. Each day has its own color and children need to find the days and color them the correct way.

These days of the week activities are mostly suitable for kindergarten students. But if you’re working on this topic with your preschoolers, they might benefit from them too.

More Days of the week worksheets

Days of the week printable pack includes a poster, printable day cards, cut and paste worksheets, and matching worksheets all focused on teaching children the days of the week.

My printable circle time calendar also includes the days of the week. On top of that, children can also learn about the months of the year, seasons, and the weather, too.

Other related printables

These season worksheets for kindergarten are a great addition to your lesson plan throughout the year. Children will learn about months in each season, how to spell and write the names of the seasons, they will match seasonal pictures, and even draw their favorite things.

Telling time to the hour worksheets are the perfect beginner activity for children first learning to tell time. They will spot and dot the correct time, match different types of clocks together, and read and write time, too.

For older students, there are these telling time worksheets – quarter past, quarter to, and half past. Similarly, children will learn to read and write the time and match different clocks together.

To download my days of the week worksheets, just go to the end of this article and you’ll find the pdf there.


Days of the week worksheets free printable

And here’s a preview of what’s included in this free printable days of the week worksheets pack:

Days of the week before and after worksheet
Correct order of the days of the week worksheet
Color by the day of the week worksheet

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