Long and short worksheets for preschool

Teach your kids about length comparison with these long and short worksheets for preschool!

Here’s a set of fun early math worksheets – long and short objects comparison for preschool.

Children will compare a group of pictures and decide which one is the longest and shortest. And they can color them too!

For more advanced measurement worksheets, check out my cut and paste length comparison worksheets too.

Long and short worksheets for preschool pdf to print at home

Long and short worksheets

These worksheets are quite simple yet fun when introducing the concept of long and short to your preschoolers.

Children will visually compare four objects in a row or a group and decide which one is the longest or the shortest. They can circle or color the correct answer.

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How do I teach my child long and short?

Do you ever wonder how do you teach long and short objects to young children? Well, here’s my take on the subject.

I believe that children pick up lots of the early math concepts and vocabulary naturally through play, reading with you, and interacting with everyday objects.

Simply use your daily activities to encourage exploration and thinking skills about things around you.

For instance, compare the length of slides at the playground, the length of spaghetti on a plate when eating dinner, long or short sticks your preschoolers find on a walk or a hike with you, and so forth.

For more structured play, ask your children to use blocks and make long or short roads for cars, paint flowers with long and short stems, or make and compare two sets of trains.

Make sure to also point out the opposites – long and short, in stories and picture books you read with your child.

And finally, grab these no-prep long and short worksheets for preschoolers and let them practice their fine motor skills too.

Long and short worksheets PDF

In this printable worksheet set, you will find two pages.

On page one, you will find pictures to compare within a group. The second page has them lined up in a row.

So whether you are a parent or a teacher, grab these PDF worksheets and easily use them in your classroom or at home with your kids.


Long and short worksheets for preschool - objects to compare and color.

Preschool worksheets PDF

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Long and short activities for preschool PDF

Take a look at the worksheets and the long and short activities they include. Then grab them from the link below.

compare the objects in this worksheet- long and short
long and short worksheet for preschool - four sets of objects to compare

And please remember, these long and short preschool worksheets are for personal and classroom use only.