Cut out shapes printable

Free printable shapes to cut out with your students or kids at home!

Practice scissor skills and shape recognition with these printable shape cut out worksheets!

Children can trace, color, and cut out the shapes and even paste them on construction paper or make simple crafts.

Playing around with shapes, just like in this set of shape playdough mats, will allow them to have fun while learning this basic math skill.

Shapes worksheets on purple background

shapes to cut out

You will find nine different shapes to cut out with your children – triangle, square, circle, oval, rectangle, star, rhombus, pentagon, and hexagon.

You can easily use them as tracing and coloring pages first and then move on to the scissor skills activity.

That way children can practice their fine motor skills in different ways. They can strengthen their pencil grip and cutting skills with one activity.

And you can also print the worksheets twice and have your children color and cut out the shapes in one set. Then let them use a glue stick or some school glue to match and paste the shapes on the other set.

Shapes worksheets pdf

Do a dot shapes worksheets – have fun with shapes and dot markers

Frog shapes cut and paste is a similar activity but in color. Children will cut and match shapes with cute frog pictures.

Match and glue shapes is another scissor skills activity. Preschoolers will practice shape recognition by matching two halves together.

Spot and dot shapes free printable is a simple activity for children learning to recognize basic shapes. They can use their bingo dabbers to spot and dot shapes.

For a full view of all the shapes worksheets, visit my shapes page here.

Shapes cut out activity

And to download these cut out shapes printable, just go to the end of this post and get the PDF there.


Shapes worksheets on purple background with yellow text overlay

2D Shapes to cut out

And this is what they look like. Each shape has its own page so children can practice the same shape in different sizes.

Dotted circles to cut out
Dotted squares to cut out
Dotted triangles to cut out

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