Body Parts Worksheets

Free printable body parts worksheets for your students in the classroom or kids at home!

Your children will love these body parts worksheets!

Not only they will learn to label various parts of the body and face, but they will also strengthen their scissor skills and enjoy coloring the pages as well!

You will find both – a boy and a girl design in these printable worksheets. Children will practice names of the main body parts, but they will also take a closer look and name parts of the face.

Body parts worksheets

Body parts worksheets for kindergarten

You will find a total of four pages in this printable PDF.

First, children will need to match the body parts with the labels by simply drawing a line. If they are not able to read the names of body parts, you might need to assist them by reading them aloud.

The next worksheet is focused on human face parts such as eyes, nose, ears, and so on.

And the last two worksheets include the same words but they are in cut and paste format. So children will practice their scissor skills.

Plus, your kids will definitely enjoy coloring the girl and the boy, too!

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Free Printable Body Parts Worksheets

Here you will find a preview of the worksheets included in this printable PDF.

Body parts worksheets with picture of a girl
Boy face clipart and labels of body parts to cut and paste

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