CVC Words Worksheet For Kindergarten

Free printable CVC words worksheet for kindergarten to include in your English curriculum!

You and your students will enjoy working with these CVC words worksheets whether in the classroom or at home.

Children will practice reading CVC words and they might like to color the pictures as well.

This activity is a great practice for beginning readers in kindergarten or grade 1.

CVC words worksheet for kindergarten on green background

CVC Words Worksheet For Kindergarten

If your kids have mastered their letter sounds, then it’s time to move on to reading simple words. CVC words are a perfect start!

These three-syllable words are made of consonant-vowel-consonant and children can learn to sound them out and blend them together.

Start with the beginning sound, then middle and ending sound to help them decode the words.

Each CVC words worksheet includes pictures and children are to read the words underneath and then choose the correct one.

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You will find three printable pages in this CVC words worksheet set for kindergarten!

You can find the download at the end of this article.


CVC words worksheets for kindergarten PDF

Below you can see a preview of two pages from this worksheet set.

CVC words worksheet for kindergarten - six pictures and 12 words
CVC words worksheet for kindergarten

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