Number Flashcards 1-20

Check out these four different sets of number flashcards 1-20 for free!

Help your children or students learn to recognize their numbers with these 1-20 number flashcards!

You will find multiple versions of colorful number cards starting from zero to number twenty.

Not only will children practice their number recognition but they can also learn the number names.

And if you prefer a black and white version, simply choose this option in your printer settings.

I have recently added new sets of printable number flashcards so make sure to check them all out. You will find the original colorful numbers with number words, number flashcards with pictures, flashcards with ten frames, and even numbers 1-20 in Spanish!

Free printable number flashcards 1-20

Teaching numbers is so much fun.

Children naturally love to count everything from very early on. You can encourage this skill further by introducing numbers and number words.

There are different ways to use flashcards when learning to count. I like to mix them up and ask my boys to order the numbers.

You can start with a few cards at first and add more as your kids grow.

It is not expected for preschool students to recognize more than ten numbers before they start kindergarten. But you might be pleasantly surprised how much more children can learn when given the opportunity!

Ways to play with flashcards

  • print out two sets of the cards and make them into a memory game
  • with young children, use two sets of the number flashcards and let them match the same numbers. Besides other things, this encourages visual discrimination
  • you can use small toys, such as blocks or marbles, and let your child count the correct amount to match each number
  • play hide and seek with numbers! Hide the flashcards around the house and let your kids look for them. Every time they find one, ask them to shout out the number
  • place the cards in order on the table, and turn a few of them upside down. This helps to strengthen proper reading orientation and discrimination
  • similarly, place the cards on the table in order but remove some of them. Ask your students to find the missing numbers and then place them in the correct spot

More number 1-20 activities

Number cards 1-20 – check these out for a simpler version of number cards and practice math activities

Number flashcards with ten frames – a great printable for children in kindergarten

Count and match numbers 1-20 – fun worksheets to practice counting objects up to 20

Number order worksheets – find the number that comes before, in between, and after a series of other numbers

Numbers 1-20 coloring pages – kids will have fun with this simple printable while learning their numbers

Lage printable numbers 1-20 – make posters for your class or use these for fun arts and crafts activity

Dot marker number recognition – put those bingo daubers to some good use while counting up to 20

Number flashcards

This set is the original number flashcards I created a while back. It is great for learning and playing games with toddlers and preschoolers.

And older children can practice spelling the number names.

Number flashcards 1-20 with pictures

In this set of number flashcards you will find cards with pictures of counting blocks. They are colorful and playful to keep children engaged.

Let them count the blocks on each number card. For a fun twist, you can cut the cards in half and have your kids match the numbers with the correct amount of blocks.

Flashcards with ten frames

If your children are working with their ten frames in their math lessons, then these number cards will come in handy.

I have another set of ten frame flashcards for your convenience. So feel free to grab that one too!

1 to 20 in Spanish flashcards

If you are interested in teaching your kids a little bit of Spanish, then these flashcards will be great! Learning numbers in another language is super fun and exciting!

Numbers 1-20 in Spanish flaschcards

Numbers 1 to 20 flashcards

You can download these numbers 1 to 20 flashcards at the end of this article. There are four PDFs to download so make sure to grab the ones you like the most.

And don’t forget to laminate them for better durability!

Feel free to use these number cards in your classroom math centers or with your children learning at home.

Printable number flashcards

You can download each set of flashcards below:

Free Printable Flashcards

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