Color Flashcards

Get these fun color flashcards to use with your toddlers and preschoolers!

Let’s learn and practice some colors with these color flashcards!

Not only will children work on color recognition but on reading their color words as well.

Plus you can play plenty of fun games with these color cards and turn learning into playtime for your toddlers or preschoolers.

Color flashcards on orange background with text overlay

Printable color flashcards

These color flashcards are so much fun!

The printable set includes twelve colorful cards to print and cut out. Make sure to laminate them for durability.

Children will practice these colors and color words: yellow, red, green, blue, orange, brown, black, grey, purple, violet, pink, and white.

You can use these flashcards for various activities:

  • color sorting – use objects and toys and let your child sort them based on each color flashcard
  • matching game – print two sets of cards and let your child match two of the same cards. You can also play a memory game together. This is great for improving your child’s memory, too.
  • puzzles – cut each card into half, thirds, or quarters and have your children build the colors cards
  • real-life objects – name simple things from everyday life and ask your child to pick the right flashcard
  • memory game – place five or more flashcards in front of your child and have them remember as many as they can. Then cover them up and ask them to name the colors. Another way to play this game is with two sets of cards. But instead of naming the colors, you can have your child pick the colors they remember from the second set of cards

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Color flashcards to print

Here’s a preview of the pages included in this printable PDF set.

You can download the PDF at the end of this article.


Color flashcards worksheet - one page with four colors
Four flashcards on one page
Four color flashcards on one page