Rainbow Template With Color Words

Get this free printable rainbow template with color words for teaching colors while having fun coloring!

Do your kids enjoy drawing rainbows? Then these rainbow coloring pages will become a hit!

Children will not only color the rainbow, but they will practice their color words at the same time.

They might even want to get creative and add their own drawings to these templates. I know my boys definitely will!

So let them have some fun this summer coloring and decorating rainbows!

Rainbow template worksheets with color words practice

Free Printable Rainbow Template with color words

You will find a total of five pages in this printable set.

Children will practice the seven colors of the rainbow and their names written in the lowercase alphabetred, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

I added rainbow templates with and without color words. Some of them have clouds, others don’t.

The majority of the rainbows included are large, full-page templates. But I also included a page with small rainbows to color.

There are many ways to use these rainbow templates besides coloring.

Children can paint them with watercolors. Or maybe they will want to cut them out and hang them in their room or perhaps use stickers for decorating instead.

If you want, you can easily turn them into playdough mats, too! Simply print the rainbow templates out, laminate them and provide plenty of playdough colors for children to make their rainbows.

These rainbow coloring pages will be also a great addition to your St. Patrick’s day activities and crafts!

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If you’d like to download my free printable rainbow templates, then go ahead and take a look at the pages below.

Then follow the Download PDF sign to grab a copy of the templates.


Rainbow templates on wooden background

Large Rainbow template with color words

Here’s a quick preview of the pages included in this PDF.

Rainbow template with color words without clouds
Rainbow with clouds template

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