Color Words Worksheets

Free printable color words worksheets for kids learning to read their colors!

Once toddlers and preschoolers learn their colors, they might want to explore the color words. These color words worksheets will definitely help them out with this skill.

Activities in this printable set are simple yet effective when learning to read color words in preschool. Children will read the words first, then color the pictures with appropriate colors.

Color words worksheets on pink background with yellow text overlay

Color Words Printable

Some of the color words are part of the pre-primer sight words list, so children learn to read colors quite early on.

This printable activity pack will help your little ones practice their colors and color words recognition in a fun, engaging way.

Children will color pictures of balloons, flowers, and cars as well as color words themselves.

They will practice these ten colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, black, brown, and gray.

If your children are just starting out, you can help them color the first, color words page with the correct crayons. This will help them as a reference guide when reading the color words on the rest of the worksheets by themselves.

You can download this printable PDF at the end of this article.

Have fun teaching colors!

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Color words worksheets on yellow background with pink text overlay

Color words worksheets PDF

Take a look at two of the worksheets included in this color words printable activity pack.

Color words worksheet - balloons to color by color word
Color words worksheet - cars to color by color word