at Word Family Worksheets

Enjoy this free printable at word family worksheets set and help your little learners with their reading skills!

If you are working on early reading skills with your students or children, then you’ll appreciate these -at word family worksheets!

They are a great addition to any CVC words and phonics practice! Children can start reading simple words and grow their confidence in their reading skills.

Plus, each word family is a good way to play with language and rhyming words. The more fun and engaging learning is, the more engaged our kids are!

Read on to discover all the activities included in this -at word family worksheets pack for kindergarten and how to download them for free!

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At Word Family Worksheets PDF

This worksheet packet is packed with learning words from the at word family!

Through word families, children learn to recognize and spot patterns in words. And thus read with better speed and clarity.

We have recently started working on learning how to read with my twins. Once they mastered their uppercase and lowercase letters, I started to add simple words from word families.

But I quickly realized, that the more practice they get, the better they learn.

So making word families worksheets with various activities has become my new mission (more word families worksheets are coming soon to Planes&Balloons!).

So in this printable freebie, your kindergarten students will learn and strengthen their reading skills with engaging activities and cute clipart.

There are eight words children will work on: hat, sat, mat, cat, bat, fat, Pat, and rat.

At Word Family Activities

In this printable at word family worksheets, you will get nine free pages.

Let’s have a look at the word family activities included:

  • at word family flashcards – great for initial decoding and reading of each word
  • build the words – cut and paste activity
  • word and picture match – children will read the words and match them with pictures
  • writing activity – add different letters to the -at words to make new words
  • -at word family word seach – find all the words
  • reading activity – simple sentences and word combinations to read
  • letter find – color only the letters that spell each -at word
  • color by -at word – color each word with the correct marker
At word family worksheets spread out on purple background

At family words with pictures

These worksheets consist of eight at family words with pictures and are ready to go in minutes.

Repetition is the key in learning any skill, and reading is no exception.

So make sure to use the worksheets over the course of a few days and perhaps come back to them again every so often.

The first page includes cards with words which can be easily turned into flashcards. Simply shuffle them and ask your kids to read them out loud on different occasions.

They can also practice their handwriting multiple times throughout the school year. Simply print the pages as many times as you need.

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At Word Family Worksheets

So now go ahead and download my at word family worksheets all in one packet below. Below are just a few examples of the worksheets included in the PDF packet.

Just click the blue download button right under the big pink banner “Get your PDF below”.


At word family word search
Build the -at word family words worksheet
Spot and color -at word family words

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