Ig Word Family Worksheets

Let your kindergarteners practice reading with these -ig word family worksheets!

If you have a budding reader at home or a classroom full of kindergarten kids learning to read, then these worksheets will come in handy.

Children will practice reading and building ig words with fun activities, coloring, writing, reading, and more.

So read on to discover how to download the worksheets and to find more word family printables available here on Planes&Balloons.

Ig words worksheets spread out with text overlay

Ig Word Family

There are several words we recognize as -ig family words but in these worksheets, you’ll find six of them.

I only included these 3-letter CVC words: dig, big, fig, pig, wig, rig. And I used the word “jig” in the word search worksheet.

There are several more you can try to teach your children such as twig, jig, mig, or gig.

These activities will go nicely with my other word family worksheets and add on skills such as learning letter sounds, blending, segmenting, and sight words.

Ig words worksheet

You will find a total of six pages in this printable PDF.

It is easy to download, print, and use each worksheet. They require very little prep time on your part.

You will need:

  • paper and printer
  • crayons
  • dice
  • safety scissors
Cut and paste Ig words worksheet

Here’s a list of all the -ig words worksheets:

  • Ig words flashcards – practice reading the words first
  • Picture and word match – so you can easily see if your child read the words correctly
  • Roll a word – children will roll the dice and color the correct words
  • Cut and paste letters – add the letters to make words
  • Writig practice – children will write the beginning letters to make the -ig family words
  • Word search – find and circle all the -ig words in this simple activity

Word family worksheets

I am slowly but surely adding more word family worksheets to my collection. So make sure to download them all.

Ap word family worksheets – teach your children to read words such as nap, sap, gap, or tap

Am words worksheets – a fun printable that helps to teach words like ham and ram

An word family – more fun worksheets to practice word families

At word family printable – match pictures, write letters, read words, and more!

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Ig word family printables

For your convenience, you will find all six worksheets included in one PDF.

These worksheets are perfect for kindergarten classrooms, and for preschoolers learning to read, too.

Just find the pink banner with the download link right below. You might want to save the PDF or print it right away.


And please remember that these worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Please, do NOT resell or upload them on other websites. Thank you.

Reading worksheets for kindergarten

To help your kindergarten students learn to read, practice is VERY important. It is simply not enough to let children “figure it out” with their teacher at school.

Make sure to read with your child every day and if necessary, add some of these other printables to your learning routine at home:

CVC word kindergarten worksheets – a fun printable with pictures and words

Kindergarten sight words scramble – unscramble the Dolch sight words for kindergarten

CVC cut and paste – match the pictures and write the words

CVC word search – once your children master the 3-letter CVC words, they can try this word search

Sight words search for kindergarten – and another word search activity, this time with sight words