Free Printable Cutting Activities For Preschoolers PDF

Find ideas for cutting activities for preschoolers and grab a free printable PDF set too!

Learning scissor skills is hard work!

While one child can master holding and using scissors in relatively little time, another child might take months or even years to develop this skill.

So whether your students are just starting with their cutting skills or have had some exposure already, these free printable cutting activities for preschoolers will help them practice and strengthen the skill.

Follow the article to grab the free PDF at the end.

Free Printable Cutting Activities For Preschoolers PDF - three pages on purple background

Cutting activities for preschoolers

When first starting with cutting skills and scissors, it is good to make it fun and playful.

Here are simple ideas to include in your preschool lessons when first introducing scissors.

  • Cut up playdough – let your little one cut playdough with plastic or even blunt tip scissors.
  • Cut old magazines – if you have old magazines or newspapers at hand, let your children cut out pictures (age-appropriate, of course). I like to use grocery store advertisemsens we get in the mail every week. Kids can make their own shopping list while learning how to cut with scissors!
  • Use cutting strips – have these short cutting strips ready, printed out on colorful paper and let your kids cut whenever they are ready
  • Cut up spaghetti – check out this post from Days With Grey to make learning scissor skills fun with some cooked spaghetti!

More cutting activities for preschool And Kindergarten

Preschool cutting pages – children will practice cutting various irregular lines across the whole page

Fall cutting pages for preschoolers – fall-theme scissor activities your preschoolers will enjoy

Cutting practice pages – basic lines to cut along with your preschool or kindergarten students

Summer scissor skills worksheets – fun summer pictures to color and cut in this free printable

Shapes to cut out – trace the lines and cut out the basic shapes

Free Printable Cutting Activities For Preschoolers PDF

And besides all the other activities mentioned above, you can now grab a copy of my free printable cutting activities for preschoolers pdf.

You will find three printable pages in this PDF.

The activity requires just a tiny bit of prep work. First, print out the pages. And then cut out each section on each page so children can easily hold them in their hands.

The first page of this printable PDF includes small cutting strips with fun pictures to cut into smaller pieces. The next two pages are full of different lines to cut along.

This simple cutting activity can be done in a short period of time while you have your kids’ attention. They can always return to it later in the same day, week, or even a month.

To download this printable, just go to the end of the article.

But first, check out two of the worksheets below.


Free printable cutting worksheets for preschoolers PDF

Here’s a preview of two of the three pages that you will find in this scissor skills activity set.

Small cutting strips with pictures and lines to cut out
Large cutting strips with different lines to cut along and pictures of bouncy balls