Letter X Tracing

Free printable letter x tracing worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.

Letter X is fun to trace! Here are two worksheets for your children to practice tracing the letter x while having fun coloring the pictures, too.

Learning to write some letters is definitely easier than writing others (hello letter G!). And there’s no need to work on the letters of the alphabet in a particular order, especially in preschool.

So if you want to start with writing the easier letters first, then letter x just might be the one!

Read on to discover more fun alphabet worksheets as well as instructions on how to download this free printable.

Letter X tracing worksheets on orange background with text overlay

Letter X Tracing

There are many ways to learn the letters of the alphabet, and tracing is one of them.

By tracing letters, children strengthen their hand muscles and fine motor skills and learn letter formation and letter recognition. Tracing prepares them for writing on their own one day.

If you want more alphabet activities, however, try including a letter craft using my large printable letters, alphabet coloring book, or letter search and find with your little ones.

When introducing the letters, you might want to include the different letter sounds as well. Especially with the letter x, which sometimes sounds like “z” like in the word “xylophone”.

Lowercase letter x tracing page with picture of xylophone to color
Lowercase letter x tracing page

Letter X Worksheets

In this particular set of worksheets, you will find two pages for tracing the letter x.

One page is focused on the uppercase letter X and children will get to color the x-ray fish.

The second page is full of lowercase letters and the picture to color is the one of a xylophone.

All you’ll need is:

  • the printable letter x PDF (download at the end of the article)
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil for tracing
  • markers or crayons for coloring

Alphabet worksheets PDF

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Uppercase letter x tracing worksheet with picture of x-ray fish to color
X is for X-ray fish worksheet

X Tracing Worksheet

It is easy to download this x tracing worksheet PDF set.

Just grab the printable underneath the pink Planes&Balloons banner. Then save or print right away.

Feel free to use these worksheets in the classroom, at home with your kids, in a daycare setting, afterschool program, in summer camp, library, or a church program.