Printable Trace Letters Strips

Let your kids have fun using these printable trace letters strips!

Children will love tracing and learning to write their alphabet letters with these printable and traceable letter strips.

Print and laminate them and let your students in preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and even first grade practice letter formation over and over again. Let them use dry-erase markers of their choice and watch them grow their fine motor and handwriting skills.

Letter Tracing Strips pages on background with text overlay

Printable Trace Letters

This trace and erase letter printable contains 26 uppercase and 26 lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Children will get a chance to practice tracing the ABCs repeatedly. Just laminate these writing strips and even put them on a ring to have a fun alphabet activity at hand at all times.

Children as young as toddlers will enjoy learning their letters with this simple alphabet printable. Little ones can simply trace the letters with their finger and older children will use markers.

Uppercase traceable letters A B and C worksheet
Uppercase letter tracing strips

Free traceable Letters

When children are learning to write their letters at first, they need plenty of practice! These free traceable letters are a quick and easy way to do so.

And besides tracing the letters, children will enjoy some cute pictures that start with each letter. They can start learning beginning sounds, too!

You will find 18 printable pages in this letter tracing PDF.

To make the alphabet tracing strips, simply print and laminate the pages, and cut out the tracing strips. You can even put them on a ring to keep them organized better.

These alphabet tracing worksheets come in handy when you need a letter activity fast. Let your kids bring them for car rides or plane rides, or whenever your child feels bored and can’t find anything interesting to do.

Lowercase letters g h and i to trace worksheet
Lowercase letters to trace with pictures

Letter tracing worksheets

There are many letter tracing worksheets here on Planes&Balloons. Check them out below:

Alphabet tracing worksheets a-z – a whole set of free alphabet tracing worksheets in uppercase and lowercase

Capital and small letters worksheets – practice tracing grey letters instead of dotted ones

Tracing lowercase letters – trace the whole lowercase alphabet and color cute pictures, too

Tracing number words – learn to write the names of the numbers

Months and days tracing worksheets – write the names of the months and days, too

Christmas letter tracing worksheets – a fun worksheet for your December lesson plan

Printable letter tracing strips on wooden table with dry-erase markers
Laminate these letter tracing strips and use dry-erase markers to practice over and over again

Picture tracing Printable

If you have toddlers and preschoolers at home, then you might like these picture tracing worksheets too:

Tracing pictures bookfor just $2 you can grab this 30-page picture tracing book and your child can trace, color, and even cut out the pictures

Pumpkin tracing worksheets – a perfect printable for the colorful fall season

Summer picture tracing worksheets – children will enjoy tracing pictures of their summer favorites

Halloween picture tracing – or how about some not-so-spooky Halloween pictures to trace?

Transportation tracing pages – if your kids love all things moving, then these tracing pages are for you

Christmas tracing worksheets – trace some of the season’s favorite symbols and pictures

Canoe race tracing worksheets – trace some straight and curvy lines, too

Printable Letter Tracing

I hope your kids will enjoy these printable trace letters and they will learn a lot, too!

You can download the PDF under the pink Planes&Balloons banner below. And please, remember, this activity is for personal and classroom use only.


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