capital and small letters worksheets

Enjoy some brand new capital and small letters worksheets for your children or students!

Help your child with proper letter formation and alphabet writing by using some or all of these alphabet tracing worksheets.

You will find brand new capital and small letters worksheets children can trace over and over again until they gain the skill and confidence in their handwriting.

Your children in preschool or kindergarten will practice writing their alphabet letters from A to Z, strengthen their pencil grasp and fine motor skills, and work on their letter formation.

Capital and small letters worksheets on background with text overlay

Capital and small letters worksheets

In this brand-new printable pdf, children will trace grey letters instead of dotted ones. For some, this might be easier to do, so I wanted to give you plenty of options.

One of my own kids still needs help with proper letter formation, so these worksheets will come in handy. I am going to laminate them and reuse them for the whole summer while we practice handwriting.

Small letter tracing worksheet
Small letters tracing worksheet

Big and small letters worksheet

It is easy to grab these alphabet tracing worksheets and have them ready at hand whenever your child wants to practice their ABCs.

All you need is:

  • grab the printable Capital and small letters worksheet PDF at the end
  • print the pages
  • laminate them (optional)
  • use markers, crayons, or dry-erase markers

Children in preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten will get plenty of handwriting practice with these big and small letters worksheets. So grab them today!

Capital letters tracing worksheet
Capital letters worksheet

Uppercase and lowercase alphabet

To download these printable pages with uppercase and lowercase alphabet, just scroll down this article.

You will find a pink Planes&Balloons banner with a download link right underneath it.

I hope these new alphabet tracing pages will help your child improve their handwriting and strenghten their fine motor skills. We will certainly use them a lot at our house!

The tracing capital and small letters worksheets on wooden table with dry-erase markers
Laminate these big and small letters worksheets and use dry-erase markers

Alphabet Trace Worksheets

And make sure to check out more of my alphabet tracing worksheets here:

Alphabet Tracing worksheets by the letter

Each set of letter tracing worksheets below includes uppercase and lowercase letters together with pictures to color.

Capital and small letters activities

You may download the printable PDF below.


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