Counting Nickels Worksheet PDF

Free printable counting nickels worksheets for skip counting by 5!

Let your students practice skip counting by 5 with these counting nickels worksheets pdf. They will practice basic skip counting and then counting groups of nickels together to find the sum.

These free skip counting by 5 worksheets are a great addition to your grade 1 and grade 2 lesson plan throughout the year.

Just find the download link at the very end and grab these free nickel counting worksheets for your classroom, homeschool, or homework handouts.

Counting Nickels Worksheet Free

With these counting nickels worksheets children will not only learn to recognize nickels but also practice counting by 5s.

You will find three printable pages in this grade 1 math PDF.

First, children will count by 5 all the way to 100 by counting the nickels.

Next, they will count groups of nickels and write the sum they get to. This activity will be a great help once your students start learning multiplication.

Skip counting nickels worksheet
Skip counting by 5 with nickels

Skip counting by 5 to 100 worksheets

You will love how these skip counting by 5 to 100 worksheets are low-prep and easy to use!

Once you download and print them, easily slide them into plastic sheet protectors and use dry-erase markers. This way your students will get to practice the skip counting skill until they are ready to move on.

Counting nickels worksheet

Counting nickels worksheets

Whether you are teaching your children in kindergarten or first grade to skip count, these nickel counting worksheets will provide a fun visual for them.

What you need:

  • download the Counting nickels worksheets PDF at the very end
  • printer
  • paper
  • marker, crayon, or pencil to write
  • protective sheet sleeve (optional)
Counting nickels worksheet
Count the nickels and write the sum

Skip counting worksheets

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Counting nickels PDF

You can download the free printable counting nickels worksheets PDF below. Just click on the link underneath the Planes&Balloons banner, then save or print it right away.

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