Skip counting by 2 worksheets

Free printable skip counting by 2 worksheets all the way to 100!

Have your kids started with skip counting? If so, let them practice counting by 2s with these fun worksheets this summer.

Kids will skip count all the way up to 100 while working on their handwriting too.

For more skip counting fun, download my skip counting by 5 worksheets too!

Skip counting by 2 worksheets

Learning skip counting lays a foundation for future math concepts such as multiplication and division. It helps children with fluency in counting as well as grow their number sense.

The more comfortable they are working with numbers, the easier they learn more complex operations. It also helps children to build strong number sense and confidence in their math skills!

A perfect way to help children with skip counting is by using number charts or number lines. You can download my free 100 chart here or 120 chart here.

There are two worksheets included in this PDF.

Each of them has six different rows children need to finish. Each row starts at random number. Children will continue counting by 2s.

They will also practice writing 2-digit numbers. If they need extra help with their handwriting, download my number tracing worksheets too.

To get this skip counting worksheet set, just go to the end of this article and download the PDF there.


Free skip counting by 2 worksheets for grade 1

skip counting by 2 worksheet grade 1
skip counting by 2 worksheet

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