1st Grade Word Search PDF Free

Free printable sight words word search for your 1st grade students is here!

If you have a class full of first graders learning their high-frequency words, then this printable word search is for you!

Children will practice 38 sight words with this free printable word search. Just grab the printable pdf at the bottom of this post and let your kiddos have some fun reading and searching for sight words!

First grade sight words word search printable

Free printable first grade word search

My kids love word searches! It’s a fun way to grow their reading skills and confidence too. They feel so accomplished every time they finish a word search!

This particular printable word search pdf includes two pages – two word searches with 19 words per page.

You will find these words:

  • play, get, will at
  • got, when, they, it
  • very, or, out, not
  • some, what, here, went
  • and, with, you
  • over, her, want, his
  • but, can, were, come
  • have, from, had, in
  • old, of, this, that
  • was, we, look
Sight words word search worksheet 1st grade
Sight words word search for 1st grade

1st grade word search

Word searches are fun even for adults, so these worksheets will make a good addition to your language arts lessons in first grade.

All you need to do is download the printable 1st grade word search at the bottom of this article. Then print and hand out to your students. You may use this printable word search with your children at home, in your classroom, homeschool, or for fun in summer camp or after-school care.

1st grade word search worksheet

First grade sight words printables

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First grade word search printable

You may download the printable 1st grade word search below. Just click on the link underneath the Planes&Balloons banner and save or print the worksheets right away!

Have fun searching for words!