Cupcakes, candy and other kid-approved treats that make learning about patterns a lot of fun

A quick look inside: A set of pattern worksheets for kindergarten pdf format for free! Use them at school or at home.

Children start to recognize patterns, to learn about them, and even make their own patterns as early as in preschool.

It is one of the key skills they will need to succeed in more complex math.

So give your children plenty of opportunities to practice with my pattern worksheets for kindergarten pdf set.

pattern worksheets for kindergarten

Pattern worksheets for kindergarten pdf

In these pattern worksheets, I decided to go with a festive party theme.

Because some of the patterns are based on color differences, these need to be printed in color. But I also included one blank page for children to practice making their own patterns.

Just click on the download link at the very end and download your free pattern worksheets.

Feel free to use them at home or in the classroom.


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pattern worksheets for kindergarten

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  1. This entire site is amazing! Thank you so very much for uploading these for all to utilize. My daughter is currently in Pre-K, but the daycare/school that teaches her is currently closed. I am afraid she will regress and would like to work with her when possible.(I am a healthcare worker, so I am still working). But between my husband and I we can work with her in evenings and babysitter during the day. Thank you so much!

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