ABAB Pattern Worksheets

Free printable ABAB pattern worksheets to use in the classroom with your kindergarten students or even preschoolers!

If your kids are learning about patterns, then these printable worksheets will be helpful!

Children will practice abab patterns by drawing and coloring pictures.

Understanding repeating patterns is an essential thinking skill for making predictions, not only in math but also in language and everyday life.

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Repeating patterns worksheets

In this set of printable pattern worksheets, you will find three pages in total.

First, children will finish the patterns by drawing pictures. I drew very simple doodles so kids can easily copy them. They will simply draw flowers, leaves, the sun with a cloud, and so on.

The point is to focus on the abab pattern and finish each row correctly.

The last page is slightly different.

Instead of drawing pictures, your students will need to color them in the abab sequence. They will color simple shapes such as stars, hearts, but also apples or bowling balls.

These pattern worksheets are best suitable for kindergarten students, but even preschoolers might enjoy them.

Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home for some fun math practice.

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You can easily download the ABAB pattern worksheets at the end of this article.


ABAB Pattern Worksheets PDF

Here’s a preview of the worksheets included in this set:

ABAB pattern worksheet - draw pictures to finish patterns
ABAB pattern worksheet - color pictures to finish patterns

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