Patterns practice for kindergarten

Free printable worksheets to practice patterns in kindergarten.

Kindergarten patterns worksheets

Help your child build a strong foundation in math and number operations with these patterns worksheets for kindergarten.

Children will practice making patterns while they put their brain power in good use!

Kindergarten patterns worksheets

Some of the patterns are more challenging so they keep children engaged and motivated to learn.

Children will identify the patterns first. Then they’ll pick the picture that comes next.

Patterns I used in this printable are ABC, AABB, AAB, ABB, ABBC, ABCD, AAAB, ABCC, and ABBB.

I tried to include a variety of different pattern sequences so children can gain a deeper understanding of how patterns work.

Picture patterns eventually turn into number patterns and lead to skills like skip counting, multiplication and division, and so forth.

Therefore, helping our children to understand this basic math skill is essential.

They can use colors or letters to identify the patterns. You can also ask them if they can separate the “core pattern” or make the same pattern with blocks and other materials.

This set of worksheets includes two pages packed with patterns of different difficulty.

To print, go to the end of this article and find your pdf there.


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Kindergarten patterns worksheets


Kindergarten patterns worksheets


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