Halloween Math Worksheets and Printables for Kindergarten

Inside: A set of Halloween math worksheets for kindergarten!

Here’s a quick and fun Fall math activity set for your kindergarten students. Halloween math worksheets for October math lessons.

Children will enjoy counting and coloring all the candy in anticipation of the big candy day.

Halloween worksheets kindergarten for FREE! I like how they incorporate one more one less concept in these Halloween MATH worksheets. Just add these Halloween activities for school lessons or homework. #halloween #kindergartenmath #halloweenworksheets #onemoreoneless #mathconcepts #halloweenmath

Halloween math worksheets for kindergarten

In this seasonal printable set of worksheets, I focused on teaching the concept one more one less.

You’ll find a total of six worksheets here. They progress from easier more or less activities to comparing several quantities at once. Children will also practice writing their numbers. And of course, they’ll get to do some coloring as well.

Feel free to use these Halloween worksheets in the classroom or at home.

To print, simply click on the download link below and get your pdf for free.


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Free Halloween math

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Please keep in mind these printable worksheets are for classroom or personal use only. Re-distribution or altering is not allowed in any case. Thank you!

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  2. Thank you so much Kristina for sharing. I’m teaching my kids at home so they can be ready for kindergarten. The cost of preschool is cost prohibitive. Many thanks again!

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