Halloween Worksheets for Kindergarten Math

Free Printable Halloween Worksheets for Kindergarten!

Get your kids excited about Halloween with these free printable Halloween math worksheets.

Kindergarten students will practice counting to 10, patterns, comparing quantities, writing numbers, and more.

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Halloween kindergarten worksheets printable

Halloween Kindergarten worksheets free printable

You will find a total of ten printable worksheets in this printable PDF.

Children will work on these skills:

  1. Making patterns
  2. Counting to 10
  3. More, Fewer, Same Concepts
  4. Missing Numbers
  5. Writing Numbers

The activities are super easy to print.

They are black and white to help you save on ink.

Plus children can add some of their own creative ideas while coloring the pictures too!

Feel free to use them for math centers, extra worksheets for fast learning students or at home to supplement your child’s learning.

The worksheets connect the standard kindergarten curriculum with the festive season we are about to enter.

Halloween kindergarten worksheets PDF

Downloading is super easy. No need for signing up either. Simply click on the link at the end of this article to take you to your pdf file.

Then print all of the pages or one at a time, whatever suits your needs.


Halloween math activities kindergarten
Halloween worksheets for kindergarten
Halloween math worksheets for kindergarten
Halloween kindergarten worksheets
I really hope your kids will like these Halloween kindergarten activities and that they really come handy to you! Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home.

And please, remember, re-distribution or altering is not allowed in any way. 

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