Halloween kindergarten worksheets for math centers and extra fun learning at home

In this article: Fun Halloween worksheets for kindergarten!

Halloween math activities kindergarten students and teachers need! I am glad I don't need to look for kindergarten math printables any longer. Use these free printables for extra homework or kindergarten math centers. #halloween #freeworksheets

The new school year has started in most of the States by now.

And while children, teachers, and parents are settling into a new rhythm, fall is rapidly underway. And with it come some of the most favorite holidays of the year.

Even if fall or Halloween is not on your mind just yet, I’ve got you covered! No need to endlessly search for learning activities for your Halloween theme week.

Just for you, I put together these Halloween kindergarten worksheets to easily supplement your child’s learning this season.

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What’s included in the Halloween Kindergarten worksheets pack

I followed the Common Core curriculum when creating these Halloween kindergarten activities.

There is a total of ten printable worksheets for absolutely free!

Topics covered in this printable pdf: 

  1. Making patterns
  2. Counting to 10
  3. More, Fewer, Same Concepts
  4. Missing Numbers
  5. Writing Numbers

The activities are super easy to print. They are black & white to help you save on ink. Plus children can add some of their own creative ideas while coloring the pictures too!

Feel free to use them for math centers, extra worksheets for fast learning students or at home to supplement your child’s learning.

They connect the standard kindergarten curriculum with the festive season we are about to enter.

Your Halloween kindergarten worksheets free download

Downloading is super easy. No need for signing up either. Simply click on the link below to take you to your pdf file. Print all of the pages or one at a time, whatever suits your needs.


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Halloween math activities kindergarten

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Halloween worksheets for kindergarten

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Halloween worksheets for kindergarten
Halloween worksheets for kindergarten
I really hope your kids will like them and that these Halloween kindergarten activities really come handy to you! Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home.

Re-distribution or altering in any form is not allowed in any way. 

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