Number maze worksheets for kindergarten

Free printable number mazes for kindergarten to practice rote counting, number recognition and fine motor skills!

Your kids will enjoy learning their numbers and counting to 30 with these number maze worksheets for kindergarten.

They are easy to print and ready-to-go in seconds!

For more number mazes, get my printable Book of mazes for only $2!

number maze worksheets for kindergarten

Number mazes for kindergarten

You will get a total of three pages in this printable pdf.

The first page covers numbers 1 to 10. This worksheet can be easily done with preschoolers too.

The next page includes numbers 1 through 20. And the last page numbers all the way up to 30.

This is a simple but fun activity for teaching number order, number recognition, and rote counting. Children will also work on their pencil grip and fine motor skills.

More mazes worksheets

St. Patrick’s day mazes are fun mazes to work on during March. Students will enjoy solving the pot of gold maze or the leprechaun hat maze!

Polar bear winter mazes are perfect for long winter days spend indoors.

Free preschool mazes will keep your kids busy in an engaging way when you need that extra minute for yourself!

Christmas mazes will engage students with the Christmas pictures while they strengthen their fine motor skills and thinking skills, too.

Fall mazes will be a good addition to your fall curriculum for children who enjoy simple pen-and-paper activities.

Halloween mazes are going to be fun during the spooky Halloween season.

Busy bees number mazes have children practice number order and number recognition too!

Simple mazes for young learners are basic mazes for the youngest students!

You will find the printable number mazes at the end of this article. Simply download them and print them out.


Free printable number maze 1-10

number maze 1-10

Number maze 1-20

number maze 1-20

Number maze 1-30

number maze 1-30

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