Fun ten frame worksheets for Kindergarten: Counting Stars

Inside: Free printable ten frame worksheets for your classroom or home!

Ten frames are extremely helpful for developing number sense in young math learners.

They allow children to visualize numbers better and build an important foundation for place value and mental math.

So whether you need some extra activities to practice counting with ten frames or quick homework sheets to hand out to your class, feel free to use my ten frame worksheets for free.

Free ten frame worksheets for kindergarten or preschool. These ar super fun and perfect for ten frame worksheets morning work or homework to hand out. #tenframes #kindergartenmath #freeworksheets #countingstars #countingto10

Ten frame worksheets for kindergarten

There are six worksheets in total included in this printable set. They are filled with exercises to practice counting with ten frames.

Children will count the cute stars and color the ten frames. They will also have to spot and match the correct ten frames to the stars.

Students as young as preschoolers might be able to work on these ten frame worksheets and start their math journey early on.

More ten frame worksheets

Don’t miss out on these other free activities for growing number sense and understanding place value:

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Thanksgiving ten frames – a great fall printable full of turkeys and ten frames

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Fall counting with five and ten frames – for the very beginning of the school year, use these five and ten frame printables

To download, simply click on the download link at the very end of this post. Then save of print right away.

Feel free to use them in your classroom or at home.


Free ten frame worksheets for kindergarten or preschool

Count and color ten frame worksheets

ten frames kindergarten

matching ten frame activities

ten frames kindergarten

Count and circle ten frames

ten frames kindergarten

These printable worksheets are for classroom or at home use only. Any altering or re-distribution are not allowed. Thank you!

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  1. Thankyou so much for your generosity. I would like to print 2 sets, for my daughter and my niece. Is it possible? They are both 3 years old. ❤️Keep safe!

  2. You can download and print any worksheets you like! they are all free, just go to the end of each article and download a PDF there. Best to do it on a computer or laptop as many phones/tablets block direct downloads.

  3. I really appreciate you sharing all these wonderful work sheets! They are so relevant to what we are teaching in Kindergarten. These are especially helpful with online learning!! Thank you so much!!

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