Busy bees inspired mazes: Ready-to-go number order activities for kindergarten

A quick look inside: Number sequence worksheets for kindergarten!

number sequence activities

Putting numbers in the right order is one of the basic math skills children work on during kindergarten. Use my free number sequence worksheets to strengthen this skill and make learning more enjoyable!

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Number sequence worksheets

I created three different worksheets based on difficulty. Your children will gradually order numbers from 1 all the way up to 20.

The first page focuses on numbers 1-10. It is the easiest one of the three. In the next, children will order numbers 1-15 and in the last one 1-20. I’ve also attached already solved mazes to make it easier for you to spot the correct answers.

These number order activities are playful and easy to use. Just let your child color with crayons, markers or dot markers.

Feel free to use them at home for your homeschooling lesson, as extra math activities or in your kindergarten classroom.

To download, just click on the download link at the very bottom of this page. Then simply print the pdf files and you are all set.


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number order activities for kindergarten

Numbers 1-10

number order 1-10

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Numbers 1-15

number order 1-20

Numbers 1-20

These printable worksheets are for personal and classroom use only. Any re-distribution or altering are not allowed without written permission first.

The solved mazes

To make things easier on you, take a look at the solved mazes below.

number sequence worksheets

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  1. Thank you so much for making these worksheets available. It is so nice to mix up our “mommy school” activities a bit!


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