Ten more ten less worksheets for first grade

Adding 10 and taking away 10 – free printable pdf worksheets for grade 1!

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Here’s a set of ready-to-go math worksheets for first graders who are learning to add and subtract the number 10!

Children will practice mental math as well as writing their numbers within 100.

Ten more ten less worksheets PDF

Besides learning to add numbers within 100, children in first grade need to gain an understanding of adding and taking away 10 from any given number within 100 (Common Core standard 1.NBT.C.5).

First graders should be able to add ten or subtract ten mentally, without the need to count.

My simple worksheets allow children to get more practice in this skill.

You will find two pages in this printable pdf.

Each page includes sixteen numbers for children to work with. One page is for adding ten. The other one for taking away 10.

These worksheets will work great for early finishers, individual study, or as extra practice at home.

To download, just go to the end of this post and you’ll get your PDF there.


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10 more 10 less worksheets PDF

add ten more worksheet for grade 1
write a number that is ten less worksheet for grade 1

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