Number words 1-20 worksheets

Free printable number words 1-20 worksheets to practice number words in kindergarten and first grade.

Take a look at the latest set of my worksheets – tracing and writing number words! Children will practice number recognition in numerical and written form.

Each worksheet has a coloring and writing activity, so they stay engaged and interested. Just take a look and download my number words worksheets at the end of the article.

Number words 1-20 worksheets on yellow bright background

Number names 1 to 20 worksheet

These number names worksheets will be a fun addition to your math lessons. Children will practice spelling and writing of number words from 1 to 20.

You will get 20 pages in this printable PDF! Children will work on one number word per page.

First, they will color the number and number name. Then they will trace the number words. Lastly, they will write the whole number name on their own.

This is a good spelling practice for teaching number names in first grade or even kindergarten if your students are ready.

Make sure to have crayons or markers ready to have some fun coloring as well as pencil for tracing the number names.

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And to download my printable number words 1-20 worksheets, just scroll down to the end of this post and get your pdf there.


Four number words worksheets on yellow background with text overlay

Writing numbers in words worksheets pdf

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