Winter same and different worksheets preschool

Fun printable same and different worksheets for winter in preschool!

Winter same and different preschool worksheets - two pages on blue background

Are your preschoolers excited for winter? Then they’ll love these winter same and different worksheets with fun illustrations they can color.

Children will practice their attention to detail, visual discrimination, and coloring skills too if they want to.

Same and different concept for preschool winter theme

You will find two worksheets in this printable PDF.

Children will need to spot differences in the pictures in each row.

First, they need to find the oddball in a row of the same images.

Next, they will focus their attention on spotting two pictures that are the same.

I drew typical winter illustrations for this set of worksheets including penguins, snowflakes, snowmen, and more.

And before you head over to download this printable, make sure to check out more of my winter worksheets here.


Winter same and different preschool worksheets - two pages on blue background

Winter same and different picture worksheets

Here’s a quick look at the worksheets included in this packet:

Winter same and different worksheet
Spot the difference preschool worksheet

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