ascending and descending order worksheets

Let your first graders practice ordering numbers with these ascending and descending order worksheets!

Children will practice ordering numbers within 100 with these free printable worksheets!

They will grow their understanding of comparing tens and ones in two-digit numbers in order to place them in the correct sequence.

Students will also learn the proper terminology – ascending and descending number order.

Ascending and descending order worksheets on blue background with text overlay

Ascending and descending order worksheets for grade 1 PDF

In this PDF, you will find four printable worksheets.

Two pages of ascending order worksheets and two for practicing descending number order.

The task is quite simple – in each row, students need to read the numbers and decide which one is the smallest or largest to start with. Depending on the worksheet, then they’ll need to place all the other ones in correct order.

Children will also practice handwriting as they’ll need to write the numbers too.

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To download my ascending and descending order worksheets, just go to the end of this article. You will find the printable PDF there.


Ordering numbers worksheets

Take a look at the number order worksheets included in this printable PDF:

Ascending order worksheet
Descending order worksheet

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