Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Free printable kindergarten math worksheets to download instantly and use in your classroom or at home with your kids!

My whole page of kindergarten worksheets is getting a little too packed with printable materials. Therefore I made this page dedicated solely to math worksheets for your kindergarten students.

You will find math worksheets to practice numbers and counting, addition and subtraction, place value, missing numbers, making patterns, measurement, shapes, graphing, and more.

In this complete list of my kindergarten math worksheets, I decided to use pictures first, so you can see what you’ll get with each set.

And my list keeps growing as always, so make sure to check back for more free math worksheets.

Kindergarten math worksheets on orange background

Numbers and counting worksheets for kindergarten

In kindergarten, children learn to recognize and count numbers all the way up to 100. This may vary from state to state, however. Therefore pick and choose worksheets that fit your students’ needs at the moment.

You can find all of the numbers and counting worksheets here.

Here is a selection of popular number and counting worksheets for kindergarten:

Number flashcards 1-20
Matching numbers worksheets
Tracing the numbers 1-10
Dot marker number recognition 1-20
Tracing numbers 1-20 worksheets
Before, after, in between numbers 1-100
Counting trains worksheets 1-10
Spot and dot numbers 1-10
Christmas counting book 1-10
Large printable numbers 0-20
Count the objects and write the numbers worksheets

number worksheets 1-20

Kindergarten Missing numbers

Missing numbers worksheets are a good way to practice number order, number recognition, and rote counting.

Counting backwards worksheets
Candy Cane Lane – Missing Letters And Numbers
Christmas missing number worksheets
Fall missing number 1-20 worksheets
Easter missing numbers 1-50 worksheets
Counting to 100: Free printable number charts
Summer letters, numbers, and shapes
120 chart with missing numbers
Summer missing numbers worksheets 1-100

Candy cane lane missing numbers worksheet

Ten frames For Kindergarten

Have your kindergarten students grow their number sense and understanding of how numbers are built with these ten frames worksheets.

Ten frame flashcards
Blank ten frames
Spring ten frame worksheets
Ten frame addition to 10 worksheets
Snowflake ten frames counting
Fall counting worksheets with five and ten frames
Counting stars: Ten frame worksheets for kindergarten
Turkey ten frames worksheets
Football teen numbers and ten frames
Addition and subtraction word problems
Counting to 10 number worksheets
Summer addition to 10 review

ten frames kindergarten

Place value and fact families Kindergarten Worksheets

Number bonds and fact families help children grasp the concept of addition and subtraction.

Number line to 20 worksheets
One bowl two fish number bonds
100 Number Line
Blank number bonds templates
Winter number bonds to 10 worksheets
Kindergarten place value worksheets cut & paste
Teen numbers practice sheets

Part part whole number bond worksheet

Addition and subtraction Kindergarten worksheets

See the full list of addition and subtraction worksheets here.

Below are some of the favorites from Planes & Balloons.

Addition and subtraction within 5
Valentine’s day addition to 5 and 10
Snowman subtraction from 10 worksheets
Dot marker addition to 10
Addition to 10 summer review

Gingerbread man addition
addition to 10 kindergarten worksheets

Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten

Teach children to recognize 2d and 3d shapes with some or all of my shapes worksheets (full list).

Here are the most popular shape worksheets on Planes & Balloons:

shapes images
3d shapes worksheets kindergarten
Fun free printable shapes worksheets for preschool - cut and paste worksheets for preschool.
spot and dot shapes free printable
Tracing shapes worksheets pdf

Measurement In Kindergarten

Check out the measurement worksheets below. Some are cut and paste worksheets, others focus on size comparison.

Length comparison cut & paste activity
Long and short worksheets
Short or tall? Fun printable worksheets

long and short worksheet for preschool - four sets of objects to compare

Kindergarten Graphing worksheets

In kindergarten math, children start learning to read and make basic graphs. Here are simple worksheets to practice this skill!

The majority of the I spy worksheets include a second page with a graph layout that children can make.

Summer I spy & graph
Smoothie shop graphing
Counting snowflakes I spy
Bakery I spy and graph
I spy Easter eggs & graphing activity
Winter graphing and counting
Fall I spy and graph
Free printable Halloween I spy game
Thanksgiving pumpkin pie graphing
Free printable Valentine’s Day worksheets bundle for kindergarten
Kindergarten spring review

kindergarten review packet pdf

Kindergarten Patterns

Making patterns prepares children for more complex math work in the future. Whether for skip counting or multiplication, making patterns is a valuable early math skill!

ABC pattern worksheets
ABAB pattern worksheets
Kindergarten patterns practice sheets
Valentine’s day picture pattern worksheets
Do-A-Dot Marker patterns
Christmas patterns worksheets Cupcakes and candy patterns
Extending patterns worksheets
Summer worksheets for pre-k and kindergarten
Kindergarten math worksheets

kindergarten math worksheets pdf
Christmas patterns worksheets
Kindergarten math worksheets