Spring Roll And Color Sight Words

Fun free printable sight words worksheets for first grade!

These spring theme sight word worksheets will come in handy for sight word practice or review with your first graders. They contain a mix of word wall words or high-frequency words that are commonly taught in first grade.

Spring roll and color sight words worksheets

Spring sight words activities PDF

This is a simple but fun sight word activity children will enjoy. They will need to roll a die, then read the attached sight word, find it and color it. In this printable pdf, children will practice 30 high frequency words altogether.

What you’ll need:

  • the printable spring sight words worksheets (download at the end)
  • printer
  • paper
  • a die
  • crayons or markers
Spring roll and color sight words worksheet
Roll and color sight words worksheet

Sight words worksheets PDF

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High frequency words worksheets PDF

You can download these spring high-frequency words worksheets below. Just click on the link underneath the pink Planes&Balloons banner, then save the pdf or print it right away.

I hope you’ll find these worksheets helpful!