Letter Z Tracing

Free printable letter z tracing pages for your kids in preschool and kindergarten!

Kids will enjoy practicing the last letter of the alphabet with these free printable letter z worksheets!

And once they’re done, feel free to throw a little ABC party to celebrate! Since they have made it this far, there’s a lot to be proud of.

Once children get a hang of the proper letter formation with tracing activities, they will be ready to start writing letters and words on their own.

So enjoy this last printable in my letter tracing series and discover more alphabet freebies below.

Letter Z tracing worksheets on pink background with text overlay

Letter Z worksheets

You will find two pages in this printable PDF.

Each page is dedicated to one letter – first uppercase Z and then lowercase z. Chilren will also color fun pictures that come with the worksheets.

Z is for zero! And also for zigzag!

Besides tracing the letters, you may want to talk about other words that start with the letter z to dip in beginning sounds area which naturally comes with learning the alphabet.

Ask your child if she knows any other words that start with the letter Z such as zoo, zebra, zipper, zeppelin, zoom, etc. There aren’t as many kid friendly nouns starting with letter Z, so for my letter z worksheets I picked the ones they could easily color – zero and zigzag.

Uppercase letter Z tracing page with picture of zero to color
Z is for zero! Tracing worksheet

Z tracing worksheet

It is easy to grab my z tracing worksheet set.

Just follow the instructions at the end of the page to get your free PDF there.

All you need for this activity is:

  • the printable PDF worksheets (download at the bottom)
  • printer
  • paper
  • crayons or markers for coloring the picutres
  • pencil for tracing

You can find many other tracing activities here on Planes&Balloons – from tracing pictures, to tracing shapes, numbers, and letters.

And for extra fine motor skills activities, try some scissor skills worksheets, printable mazes, dot to dots and others. They all are great for helping children with pencil grasp and strengthening their hand muscles so important for writing.

Free printable tracing worksheets

If you’d like to download more free pritable tracing activities for your kiddos, check out the resources below:

Lowercase letter x tracing page with picture of xylophone to color
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Letter Y tracing

Lowercase letter tracing – practice tracing all the small letters a to z

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Fruit and vegetable tracing and coloring pages – a fun activity for learning the names of fruits and vegetables

Lowercase letter z tracing worksheet with picture of bag with zigzag pattern to color
Z is for zigzag! Lowercase z tracing page

Letter Z tracing worksheets

Here’s how to download the printable worksheets PDF.

Just click on the link under the Planes&Balloons banner. Then save the pdf or print the worksheets right away. And that’s it! It’s that simple!

You may use these worksheets in the classroom with your students or at home with your kids.