Write the First Letter Of The Picture Worksheets PDF

Great end of the year worksheets for kindergarten to practice writing the initial sounds!

These kindergarten literacy worksheets will check on your child’s or student’s progress with their beginning sounds.

Children will need to identify the first letter of each picture and then write it down.

For this activity, all you need is the printable PDF and you are ready to learn with your kindergarten kiddos.

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Write the first letter of the picture worksheets for kindergarten

This activity is not only good for phonemic awareness, but children will also practice writing their letters, too.

After learning the alphabet letters, children work on memorizing all the different sounds letters make. This is not a speedy process and it takes lots of practice to remember them all. Using alphabet activities and letter worksheets like these can be a lifesaver!

So whether you have a classroom full of kindergarteners or you’re teaching your kids at home, grab these writing beginning sounds worksheets and work on this important early reading skill together.

Write the first letter in the pictures worksheet
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Initial sounds worksheets

You will find two printable pages in this initial sounds worksheets PDF. Each page includes twelve pictures and words to read and write.

Children will identify and write the first letters in these words:

  • sun, toy, pig, fox, ball, star, ant, egg, car, hat, rain, mouse, pie, drum, wig, jug, kite, yarn, net, lid, girl, ice, vase, zebra

Once they write all the beginning letters, see if they can also read the words.

If your child needs extra practice with writing the lowercase letters, then make sure to grab my lowercase tracing pages, too.

Beginning sounds worksheets

Make sure to grab a bunch of other beginning sounds as well as ending sounds, middle sounds, and CVC words worksheets from Planes&Balloons. Take a look here:

Beginning sounds for kindergarten – color the correct beginning sound under each picture

Cut and paste beginning sounds – practice scissor skills as well as the initial sounds with these fun worksheets

Kindergarten ending sounds – see if you can hear the last sound in each word, too

CVC words middle sounds – which vowel is in the middle?

CVC words read and color – see if you can match the pictures to the correct words

Write the first letter of the pictures worksheet
Write the first letter of the picture worksheet 2

Write the first letter of the picture worksheets PDF

It is quick and easy to set up this beginning sounds activity.

All you need is:

  • the printable “Write the first letter of the picture worksheets PDF” which you can download at the end
  • printer
  • paper
  • pencil for writing

It will take less than a minute to print and start learning!

You may use these free worksheets with your students in kindergarten or first grade, in literacy centers, in your homeschool, after-school program, or as extra summer practice to stay on top of things!

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