Summer Ten Frame Worksheets

Free printable ten frame worksheets for the summer theme!

Grab this fun summer printable for your kindergarten students! They will love counting sea shells while learning with ten frames and double ten frames.

Children will count from 1 to 10 and also from 1 to 20. It is a great counting practice for the summer break to stay on top of their math skills.

So read on to find out how to download this free printable and discover more learning with ten frames worksheets.

Summer ten frame worksheets on blue background with text overlay

Why are ten frames important?

If you’re a parent wondering what on Earth is a ten frame and why it is important, read on.

A ten frame is a useful tool used in math to help children “see” numbers. Ten frames help children visualize how numbers are built, understand place value and later add and subtract.

A ten frame consists of ten blocks that children can color or use counters to fill. They may practice building numbers in different ways with colorful counters or simply by coloring.

Summer ten frame worksheet counting to 10
Counting 1 to 10 with ten frames

Free Ten Frame Worksheets

I have many ten frame worksheets available here on Palnes&Balloons. So I decided to add something new and seasonal to my collection and create these free summer ten frame worksheets.

Children will practice counting and writing one-digit and two-digit numbers, all the way up to 20.

These worksheets are suitable for children as young as preschoolers and for kindergarten kids. And if you have a rising first-grader at home, use these counting worksheets for kindergarten summer review.

Summer ten frame counting worksheets on wooden background with colored pencils

Summer ten frame counting worksheets

You will find six printable pages in this summer counting printable PDF.

All you need:

  • download the Summer ten frames PDF (at the end of the article)
  • printer
  • paper
  • crayons or pencils for writing and coloring

First, children will read the numbers and color the ten frames accordingly. Then they’ll do the opposite. They will count pictures in the ten frames and write the correct number.

It is a fun and quick printable for your summer school whether at home or summer camp.

Ten frame worksheets

I have many ten frame worksheets available for you, check some of them below:

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Double ten frame summer worksheet with sea shells
Counting with double ten frames

Free ten frame worksheets

Grab your free ten frame worksheets below. Just find the pink Planes&Balloons banner and the download link right under.

You may use these worksheets with your children at home, students at school, in your homeschool curriculum, daycare, or summer camps.

Have fun counting!