ABC Pattern Worksheets

Get these free printable ABC pattern worksheets to teach repeating patterns in preschool and kindergarten!

Help your students grasp the concept of repeating patterns with these fun worksheets.

Children will learn to identify the ABC patterns, then draw or color the pictures. They will also need to choose an object that comes next.

I created several pattern worksheets before, but this set focuses entirely on the ABC pattern sequence. I hope your students will enjoy them!

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What is the ABC pattern?

Being able to spot and continue a pattern is a great early math skill often taught in preschool and kindergarten.

Children who are able to understand patterns have a strong foundation for future counting, geometry, and number operations.

There are many different patterns we can make and children usually start with the simplest AB patterns. As they gain the basic understanding, we can move on to more challenging patterns such as ABC or ABB patterns.

So what is an ABC pattern exactly?

The ABC pattern is a set sequence of three events, in our case three pictures, that repeat in the same order.

In school, children often use color cubes, counting bears or fruit, as well as beads to create this pattern.

Imagine making a bracelet with three different bead colors – blue, red, and green. To make an ABC pattern, you follow the same order – blue, red, green, blue, red, green, etc. until the bracelet is finished.

There are many ways to play with patterns and children usually love to make them.

And the more practice they get, the more likely they are to generalize this skill into their everyday life. They will start to notice patterns everywhere!

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Free Printable ABC Pattern Worksheets

There is a total of three worksheets included in this PDF set.

Each worksheet is different to keep your student’s attention!

First, children will finish the patterns by drawing simple pictures. Then, they will need to choose which picture comes next. And last, they will color some shapes to finish the patterns.

You can see two of the worksheets included in this worksheet set below.

To download, just go to the end of this article and grab the PDF there.


ABC pattern worksheet - draw pictures to finish patterns
ABC pattern worksheets - color the shapes to finish patterns

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