Missing addend addition worksheets first grade

First-grade missing addend addition worksheets!

Missind addend addition worksheets first grade - two pages displayed on purple background

Missing addend addition problems expand children’s understanding of mathematical operations.

They learn that addition and subtraction are interconnected. While solving the missing addend addition, they need to use their subtraction skills to find the correct answer.

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Missing addend – sums up to 20

These missing addend worksheets are suitable for first graders who are growing their addition to 20 fluency.

They will use their subtraction skills in order to solve the addition problems. This might be confusing at first, but it helps children to grow their mathematical thinking and the way numbers are built.

You will find two pages total in this printable PDF.

Each page includes 14 missing addend problems, so 28 total.

Children can work on these gradually, a few problems at a time or one page at a time if they prefer. These would make for excellent homework or distance learning handout.

You can download the free printable at the end of this post.


Missind addend addition worksheets first grade - two pages displayed on purple background with yellow text overlay

Missing addend worksheets 1st grade

Have a look at the two pages below.

Missing addend worksheet sums to 20
Missing addend addition worksheet

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