Subtraction Worksheets For Grade 1 PDF

Free printable subtraction worksheets for grade 1 students in the classroom or at home!

If you have a first grader at home, then these free math worksheets will come in handy once he starts learning subtraction.

The addition is a little easier to grasp for many children than taking away. Therefore I dedicated this whole separate page to just subtraction worksheets for first grade. But in case you need addition worksheets too, just go to my addition for grade 1 page and grab a bunch of learning materials there.

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1 free

You will find worksheets for basic subtraction practicesubtraction without borrowing (or regrouping). But also more advanced subtraction worksheets to work on subtraction with borrowing as well as 2-digit subtraction.

Because the grade 1 curriculum is quite different in many states and countries (many international visitors come to this site), I try to offer as a wide variety of worksheets as I can.

Therefore, pick and choose the ones that fit your student’s current math level and save the others for later.

You will find subtraction worksheets for grade 1 with pictures, but also without. Some worksheets use number lines or ten frames to help them practice this skill.

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1 with pictures

These worksheets are best for gaining a basic understanding of subtraction or taking away. Children will use pictures to solve the problems, they can cross them out or cover them to find the correct answer.

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1 without borrowing

These subtraction worksheets only include subtraction problems where students don’t pass any tens. They are either within the first 10 numbers or within the numbers 11-20.

Just click on the picture to take you to the free subtraction worksheets. Some of them are direct downloads while others are part of older articles. In such instances, you will find the free download at the bottom of each post.

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1 with borrowing

In this section, you can download first grade subtraction worksheets with borrowing also called regrouping. Students will work on more advanced subtraction problems where they will pass the number ten.

2-digit subtraction worksheets for grade 1

For subtraction with 2-digit numbers (without regrouping), pick and choose some of these free printable downloads: