Number line to 20

A complete set of worksheets for number line to 20 activities!

Number lines are a great way to teach children about the number sequence and number patterns. Use these 0 to 20 number lines to introduce skip counting, addition, or subtraction.

You will find several different number lines in this printable PDF. Some will be perfect for laminating and cutting out, others can be used as worksheets for extra math practice. And you will find a blank number line to 20, too!

Number line to 20 worksheets on blue background

0 to 20 Number Line

You will get a total of six pages inside this printable PDF set.

Each number line starts with 0 and continues up to number 20.

You can choose from several designs. Some of the number lines have numbers on top, others at the bottom.

There are two worksheets with missing numbers so children will get to practice their handwriting as well.

The last page includes blank number lines starting at 0 up to 20.

These are perfect math worksheets for practicing addition and subtraction in kindergarten and first grade.

More number line worksheets

100 number line includes basic number lines to 100 plus worksheets to practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10 as well!

Missing numbers on a number line help children practice their numbers all the way up to 120. Plus, they will work on their handwriting too.

Number line addition and subtraction are great practice worksheets if your children are learning to add and subtract within 20.

To download my set of number lines, just go to the end of this article and download your PDF there.


Free printable number line to 20

Here are a few of the pages included in this printable set:

0 to 20 number lines in rectangular boxes to cut out
0 to 20 number lines to print
missing numbers on a number line worksheet

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